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Mar 27, 2022

Joe Biden called for a Russian regime change and also asked the 82nd Airborne to be observant when they got to the Ukraine. Were they both just Presidential gaffes? I don't think so!!!

Mar 14, 2022

Colin Powell said unequivocally there were chemical and biological weapons in Iraq. One month later we invaded. No WMD's ever found. "A blot on my career," he said. Victoria Nuland, when asked by Sen. Rubio, the same question about Ukraine, "Just biological research facilities," (plural) she replied, much to Marco's...

Mar 6, 2022

In the battle for Ukrainian control it would appear that all the power is starting to emerge from the West. I would respectfully disagree. This is developing as a War, NOT of guns and bullets, but a War of Economics, and in that I believe Russia and China hold the stronger hand.