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Jan 29, 2022

From Ottawa, Canada to Canberra, Australia and Milan, Italy to Columbia, South Carolina, truckers of the world are uniting to protest government vaccine mandates. Just another log to throw on the ever growing inflation fire.

Jan 21, 2022

Joe Biden, during his historic, (?) press conference, alluded to splitting up his Build Back Better bill into smaller pieces, in order to get passed by Congress. The five trillion dollar inflation bill no matter how you slice it still adds up to five trillion. Mr. President please follow along. 1 + 2 +1/2 + 1 1/2 = 5....

Jan 15, 2022

The Progressives have shut down fracking, pipelines and oil and gas investment. Surprise, surprise! A limited supply and a post Covid increase in demand has created higher costs and a return to dirty coal. Are you Progressives really that STUPID??????????????? 

Jan 13, 2022

Inflation is now running at 7% putting a nail in the TRANSITORY coffin. Not since 1982 have we seen such numbers and the only good thing then was the debut of the movie E.T.

Jan 6, 2022

The teacher's union of Chicago, even though 90% of their teachers are vaccinated and the safest place for students is in the classroom, decided to have their teachers stay out of school and put all students back on line. They should all be ashamed of themselves.