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Apr 30, 2021

After 100 days the President finally addressed Congress. Sorta! BUUUUUUUT, while others were yawning, I learned how to profit from what will be history's greatest giveaway. And SO CAN YOU!

Apr 28, 2021

I find myself in total shock and have even looked in the mirror and asked "ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!" I find myself in total agreement with Congresswoman AOC. I am stunned. 

It's all about the efforts to eliminate the cap on SALT. You see the "little people" who are living "hand to mouth" on $300,000 a year desperately...

Apr 21, 2021

If you can get by the EMOTION, and of course charges of RACISM, there are certain WORDS that need to be dealt with when it comes to the George Floyd Trial. Those words are SEQUESTERED, CONFRONTATIONAL, JURY INTIMIDATION, HARASSMENT and MISTRIAL

Apr 18, 2021

Jesse Livermore said it best, "Patterns repeat because human nature hasn't changed in a thousand years." Keith Gill of Roaring Kitty is about to prove that, come Monday, April 19th.

Apr 13, 2021

The War on Cash continues and the destiny of BITCOINS is foretold as Central Bankers continue their development of CBDC's.